Brand For Sale

Last Updated: 20 June 2014

Think you could take White Moose® and run with it?  Great.  We’ve been working hard to package it all for someone like you.



Registered Trademark  (next renewal in 2022)
Vector Artwork Files
Design Drawings and licensing rights for any/all 22 existing products
Associated Website Domains
Associated Social Media Accounts

Original prototypes may be included upon further discussion.


Interested?  Please get in touch.


Refer a buyer

The business or individual who refers to us the successful buyer will receive up to 5% of the sale price, once the sale is complete.

  • In the event that a single referral comes from multiple sources, the first referrer will be granted the thank-you gift
  • In the event that the successful referral came through several layers of referral, like a game of telephone, the thank-you gift will be granted to the business or individual linking the buyer to the sale (i.e. the last or most recent referrer)
  • A maximum of one (1) thank-you gift will be granted