Cashman Chair

In early 2012 I was asked by ATB Financial to discuss a potential project.  The premise was pretty simple.  They were doing a photo shoot of 50 or so Executives, and wanted a seat designed by a local designer.  The end product would represent ATB’s personality and tie all the photos together.  There were several other parameters, but that’s the basics.

I set to work trying to create what is now known as the Cashman Chair.  It was a quick project, lasting less than one month.  That’s not a lot of time to research, design and fabricate.  It brought me back to the days of designing White Moose®, when I had to act completely on instinct.  And in fact, that was the whole reason I was contacted in the first place.  Several of the creative’s at ATB had seen the White Moose® line, and were very impressed, and in our initial meetings they wanted to capture some of that refined rawness (sounds contradictory, I know).

Initially, I consulted with Joanna Goszczynski, as she had designed the Ranger Seating Set under my direction.  I wanted to embody what she had in those pieces.  The result was an all-aluminum body formed from a single 3/16” sheet.  A few welds, an upholstered seat and a white powder coat finished it off.  Sounds simple, but it was pretty grueling.  Major props go out to GC Custom Metal, and Benchmark Upholstery for going above and beyond.

Most people wonder about the name, and think it must be some kind of pun.  It is, to a certain extent, but it’s also named after a hero of mine, and a wordsmith at that – Tony Cashman.  He’s a historic writer, and we happen to be neighbours.  At 88, he’s still writing, and is as sharp as ever.  A real inspiration to me, I thought naming a chair after him was one way of honouring such a great man.

Photo Credit :  Aminah Syed

Photo Credit : Aminah Syed