White Moose Pop-up

Over the last 3 weeks we've had a great time in a temporary space downtown Edmonton.  We've been occupying a beautiful gallery in the historic McLeod Building, which will soon become home to a new restaurant.  It's been a lot of fun meeting everyone who has come through our doors, to our first solo exhibit.  Thanks everyone!  We're looking forward to our next show, at the AGA.  Stay tuned!

A Nice Silhouette

I really have to thank Joel Harding for his great work on the White Moose® logo.  As one who grew up in the land of the mighty moose, I have to say, he’s captured the essence of a youthful bull.  The profile, the posture, it’s just perfect.  And for me, has become quite iconic.

When we were planning on taking the line to the Las Vegas Market, I chose not to have a sign in our booth stating “White Moose”.  But rather, I wanted to have a close-to-life-sized suspended silhouette, which declared the same.  Out of that decision came one of our most admired products.  The original moose has been hanging out in downtown Edmonton, watching over Sir Winston Churchill Square from a small gallery inside TIX On The Square.  That is thanks to Ania Sleczkowska, who saw a wall mounted version at an exhibit titled In The Field, and invited me to put the hanging moose in the gallery.

One of the happiest moments of my career has been receiving an email from a client who ordered a wall mounted silhouette for a cottage in Southern Ontario:

“Funny thing about the Moose - when we light one small lamp in the Muskoka room where he hangs, he kind of glows. If we turn off the rest of the lights in the cottage he absolutely pops and you can see him from out on the lake. We will often hear people going by in boats slow down and drift to get a better look and because of the way sound travels over water we can almost always hear them say ‘Wow! Look at the Moose’.”

“We love him!”

The moose in downtown Edmonton has been looking over the square for two years now.  As the gallery is rotating new product in, we’re sad to see the moose go.  There will be a short trip over to the McLeod Building, and a quick stay of a few weeks until we find a better home for him elsewhere.  Looking forward to it!