What's this about?

White Moose® is about the combination of the modern lifestyle and our natural surroundings. We call it Modernature. It’s about form and proportion. Clean lines and simplicity of design emphasize the raw use of materials and organic motifs.

Moose are mighty and majestic, peculiar and often unpredictable. Our furniture is much the same. Like watching a moose in the wild, it is as intriguing as it is rewarding. The furniture does not beg for attention, but carries with it a tangible presence. This is natural Canadian furniture with lots of Hip.

In May, 2013 these products were the first ever design items added to the Art Rental and Sales Gallery collection at the Art Gallery of Alberta.  A few remained on display at the Gallery until February, 2015.

Several pieces are currently on display at 10350 - 124 Street in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Who's behind this?  How can I get involved?

Fat Crow Design, Inc. created the White Moose® brand and products.  Tyler Vreeling maintains the brand including sales and fabrication.

We are seeking interested manufacturers and retailers to produce and showcase these distinct pieces.


An interested party could purchase the brand, license individual products or the entire line.


All 18 of the original prototypes are for sale as a group


Have an idea for a new product that would fit in with the White Moose® line?  Let us know!

We are grateful to the many individuals and businesses that have contributed to the creation of White Moose®.  Thank you all!


Tyler Vreeling

Designer, Creative Director, and Curator, Tyler is also the mastermind behind White Moose®.


Check out Tyler’s portfolio here.


Joel Harding

A versatile and adept Designer and Creative Director, Joel created the White Moose® logo, designed the catalogue, and provided visual expertise on several of the products.


Check out Joel’s portfolio here.



Joanna Goszczynski

With a keen eye and distinct style, Joanna designed about half of the White Moose® line.  She’s definitely one to watch.


Check out Joanna’s portfolio here.


Kendel Vreeling

Now a burgeoning exhibit designer, Kendel was our intern in 2007 while we prepared to get White Moose® realized and on the road.


Check out Kendel’s portfolio here.


Mark Oswald

A blue sky thinker, and the genius behind the K.C. occasional chair and our comfy foot lures.